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Heyhoo, A new guy is in town :smile:

Hey guys :sunny:

Thanks for clicking on my Introduction, feel free to comment below :slight_smile:

I’m new on Fiverr and hopefully I will enjoy my stay :blush:

My name is Claudiu and I’m a Business Management student. In my freetime I do a lot of Calisthenics, it’s like pushing weights, but the difference is, you only train with your bodyweight.
I own a club, where more than 20+ people are training regularly.
Also I’m a sponsored Athlete and a strength competitor!

Im doing it for 3 Years now. Beyond that, I do a lot of Video- and Photoediting.

If you want more to know, just write me a message :slight_smile:

Thank you :):sunglasses:



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Hello Claudiu,
how are you?I am bauanno from Bangladesh.also a new seller just like you.i am a history student so photo editing is really a new topic for me which is getting exciting day by day. Calisthenics seems really challenging to me but its good to do you do that?will you share some pictures with us? just started my weight losing journey…:slight_smile: wish you can give some advice? all the best with your fiverr journey.

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Welcome, Claudiu!

Nice video! :fox_face:


Love all the emoji’s! :exploding_head::face_with_hand_over_mouth::innocent:
And I wish you the greatest of luck!

You are welcome, I hope you are ready for the competition on fiverr?