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Heyy Dear fiverr forum members

Good day to every one.
Do you get the orders these days? How is it going? By last week, I got countless messages, but now I dont get any messages or any orders
Is there any problem? Do you know? Or does it stem from my performance?


It seems like you have not converted any buyer from the messages you received. So you must lack your skills. Improve your skills and then don’t get your customers to ignore your GIG.


Would you mind looking at my gigs please? I am open to recommendations. I am almost online each hour. What changes do my gig require?

Hello eozel ,

Hi how are you …??:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::star_struck:

Sending these types of emojis is a bit creepy and not professional buddy. I don’t think she came here looking for a boyfriend.


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oh no this my mistake.
Please don’t mind dear…:blush:

And, you may want to refrain from calling strangers on a business site “dear”. That is creepy and unprofessional too.

In some countries (at least Western ones) calling someone “Dear” is reserved for those you are intimately close to, not strangers on the internet.