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Heyy Everyone! I am new to fiverr so can i place buyer request..?


Hey everyone,
I am new on fiverr so…
Nice to meet you all and also being on fiverr and if you know how can i place my buyer request from the began of it, means if its possible that i can place buyer request even i didn’t got any order then to i can get buyer request or not.
Because at now whenever i open my buyer request i never found any request it there any other process or something.
Wants to know…?
Thank you… :slight_smile:
And also check out my gigs if they are good or not… :grinning:

Thank you… :blush:


Yes you can send buyer request. And this is the most efficient way for get work as a new member. But for see buyer request you have to select your gigs catagory properly and also have to add related skill in your profile. And another i want to share with you that you will not see buyer request all time. But after check 2-3 days you will understand which time most of the buyer request show. That time you can send offer to the buyers. Thank you


Ohhh thats were really helpful for me thank you for sharing such thing with me.
Thank you


Same thing happened with every one.
I just get one order from buyer request actually yesterday i sent the order and today person accepted it.
and it is five times the amount which i was expecting acounting my gig and zero review
So dont give up keep trying


Hello kingsart98,

Welcome to Fiverr! I hope you are having a good day.

Let me get this clear… You are a new seller and you would like to see buyer requests and apply for them.

So, you would not want to place a buyer request/create a buyer request, but you probably would want to send an offer in response to a buyer request. They are two entirely different things (opposites actually).

When you go to selling and then to buyer request, that’s where the buyer requests are shown. For a new user (like you and me), they keep coming up randomly throughout the day (whenever clients place a buyer request and are in need of services). And you can respond to a buyer request by clicking on the send offer button and then describing what you can offer your clients.

You need to be pretty quick to respond to them because from my experience so far, they disappear very quickly (usually within a couple of seconds to a few minutes, can also vary depending on your field of course)… Some even disappear while I am in the process of sending an offer in response to the buyer request. So yeah, the buyer requests are like the moles in a Whac-A-Mole game… Don’t just expect to see a huge list of buyer requests whenever you check… They appear/disappear randomly through out the day and you need to always be on the lookout!

Also, here is a forum article on buyer requests that I’d suggest you checkout-


Heyyy thank you sooo much as a newbie thats help me alot thank you again… :blush: