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Hi a little help please or am I ok?

Hi I am a complete newcomer to fiverr and have recently posted my first gig (no customers yet).

It’s still early so I’m not worried yet about the lack of traffic but I’m wondering if somebody would mind checking out my gig just to see if I have done it correctly ?
Any help would be appreciated, I tried to keep the description short and simple so as not to over complicate things.

Am I missing anything or have I done an ok job ?
Here is the link (if I do it right lol)

Click here for the gig

If you like the idea of the service then of course feel free to give me a try and I will do my very best work for you.
But if you just want to offer advice then it’s all appreciated.

Am I charging the correct amount do you think?
I looked for similar services and they seemed to be more expensive so I think I’m doing the right thing

You get the idea by now I just need help lol

Thanks in advance

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Suggest you do not write all of your gig description in bold as it is hard to read.

Also you need to make your profile description more professional and only talk about things that you are actually offering in your gigs.

Have a look at other gigs and profile descriptions to see how this is completed but do not copy anyone.


Excellent advice, thank you

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Before And After should be in Same Pic With 50% ratio…

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That’s something I never even gave a thought, it seems obvious now you say it though. I will change that ASAP.

Thank you