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Hi all fiverr friends, i have a serious issue related gig and offer left in buyer request

i have created just a new account,
1st problem is that i created 1 gig and it’s in draft (what’s it means ? ) and this gig is not active.
2nd problem is in buyer request my sending order is showing ‘0’, written is " 0 offer left today " (what is mean and how i get offers for send to buyer ? )
pls help us


please contact the support center. I think it will be better for you.

Hello @salman_ali_soft, i checked your profile, you don’t have a single gig on your profile, the only gig you tried to create is not complete neither published, that is why it is in draft. So unless you don’t create 3,4 gigs and remain online for like 6-10 hours a day you woun’t see buyer request.

Please let me clarify the situation for you. There is no need to worry, what you are experiencing is what every new seller has to go through.

  • First problem: your gig is in the draft folder. This means you have not finished creating your gig. Once you’ve filled out all the necessary sections, fiverr will review your gig and, if it passes their review, activate it.

  • Second problem: the numbers of buyers’ request that you see depends on the category your gig is in and your level. A new seller will have very few buyer requests and you will only see requests that are pertinent with ther services that you offer.

I hope this helps!

Start by going to this link

Adding to the second statement… You will only see the buyer request if your gig is active, in this case your gig is in draft, either because you did not fill all the requirements or you didn’t press the complete button…
Even after your gig goes live, it is not a guarantee that you will get any requests because there might be no customers interested in what you are offering…
Always take time to read the TOS, watch the videos that are displayed while you are creating a gig and visit the forum and search for your relevant problem…

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You are absolutely right @franklegacy. Thanks for clarifying that :slight_smile:

@salman_ali_soft jist it just takes a while to get used to fiverr, you’ll soon get the hang of it.

Good luck!