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Hi all i am new to fiverr namastey

hi feeling nervous and excited hoping to learn from so talented sellers present here


don’t worry, all is okay to start work. thank you :money_mouth_face: :heart_eyes:

means are you talking about my gig or what

I do not check your gig. I give you good wish

ok ok thanks for your good wish are you a seller too

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great welcome to our community…don’t worry fiverr is our family :innocent: :innocent: :innocent:

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Welcome to fiverr family hope you get success soon

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Best wishes for you!

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Don’t feel shy about the world and the others.
Just chase your dreams, and the rest of the world will be yours.
Btw welcome to the Fiverr forum.
I hope you enjoy it here :slight_smile:
Best of luck for the future

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@mkpcreations welcome & best wishes for you

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scam parson just stop


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mkpcreations welcome fiver in forum