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Hi All I have nothing in Buuers Section


Hi All
I am new here and I want to know that when I navigate to -Buyer Requests- there is nothing in that section, it always shows blank. Can you anyone tell me why ?

Rarely I saw 2-3 request there after one or two weeks, and then it goes blank and show "No requests found. " message.



First you create gigs then you can see buyer request easily. You can easy multiple buyers requests as compared to your gigs :slight_smile:


Refresh your page again and again hope it works. thanks



Thanks for your valuable reply
Yes I am acting as seller and sold near 10 gigs. I have 2 active gigs

I have already refreshed it many times, but no success


I can see your gigs are categorized under off-site optimization. It appears there are no much requests in that category.
It think you should try another SEO category


Only if you can


Thanks for suggestions


You are more than welcome