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Hi all, I need some help with improving my gig. ( Logo Design Gig )

Hi i am Hansaka. i create my 1st 2 gigs and i need to know how to do correction to improve gigs. Thank you for reading my post and helping me.

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In your interior design gig you contradict yourself. The premium package offers unlimited revisions and the package description says 2 revisions. And also, the standard package has five revisions but the description says Max. 2


omg yes. Thank you for pointing that

I’m actually pretty impressed! I think I spotted some spelling/grammar errors in the videos, but the presentation is good for the logo gig, though some of the sections in the rendering gig are a bit busy and the text vanishes too fast. (One of the spelling errors is the word ‘questions’ at the end of the rendering video.)

The logo did description has a lot of line breaks that need to be removed. And there are some more English errors.

Please check the (RRD) section for more resources:


Thank You imagination7413. i will do corrections and checking (RRD)