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Hi All, I work very well for my customer All my gigs is in very good money You can check my all gigs if you like it


You can check my gigs if you like it.


Please move your post to “my fiverr gigs” category. You are allowed to promote your services only there.
And I would suggest for you to read the forum rules based on your previous comments and topics created.


@mariashtelle1 you’re angry at me forever.And I have posted this wrong. Tell Now Now Please.?


First of all I really can’t understand what you are trying to say.
Secondly I’m not “angry at you forever”, I just told you that you need to move your post to the right category and follow the rules and actually read fiverr help page and terms and conditions, that will answer a lot of your questions that you are asking here on the forum


I think you should not post here too much… If you really want to get buyers then post on social media .Here almost all are seller.There are few buyers here .So I think if you share your gigs on social media as you are sharing here that will be good …


And One more thing kindly read the terms and condition page,level page and other pages so that you do need to ask those question here …:grinning: