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Hi, all! Newbie here!

I am new to this forum. Any tips for me? :slightly_smiling_face:


Always focus on satisfying your customer. As they say, it takes years to find a customer, and only seconds to lose one. Once you’ve successfully marketed your service, and attracted someone to what you’re offering, do everything you can to please them. If you do, you’ll likely have a repeat customer.


my tip:

stay tuned to forum and keep learning…


Yes, right! I believe in this too!

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Yeah, I will! Thanks!

Continue to be polite, because not all posters have been. Read the Forum Dos and Dont’s of participating in the Forum. I can not find them maybe @eoinfinnegan knows where to find them.


Hi, thanks for the information. I will surely get in touch with him. :slight_smile:

Actually, the Dos and Don’ts are posted on the Forum login page.

Hi, mousumi8697. Welcome to the world of Fiverr (where it’s misspelled as “Fever” :laughing: ) As for tips…just follow what the previous doers mentioned in this thread of yours. :wink:

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Hello and welcome to Fiverr world, have fun and good luck :grin:
My tip is: always be patient.