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Hi all, this is my gig please take a look:)

Hi my fiverr fellows,
This is my gig please take a look and give me some suggestions, this gig have
high impressions, 32 view and 27 clicks but I had only one order in 2 months.


use good quality images on the GIG, those images are very low quality and hard to see.


Thank you for your suggestion:)


images are okay, but not nothing fancy.

the description is also not very good. and the first line is copy pasted. you are a boy and you wrote you are a Graphics Girl :sweat_smile:

Have a look at the gig any modify those.

change your images,these are still not attractive.

Alright, thank you for your suggestion:)


Why you not have any order? do you send buyer request?


I have created all the gigs few days ago although my acc is alittle old.
And No I still don’t know much about buyer request.

trying to understand the hidden process that how fiver actually works :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you not know what is buyer request or how to send a good buyer request?

Filhal to nai … yai dekh ra hu

on the top of your profile where you see selling click on it, you will see a menu
click on buyer request there you will see request which are send by buyer.

Check this

Buyer request maghrib k waqt hoti hai ziada tar.

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Try to include some real images (printed t-shirt) as well. I noticed you have described a lot about your package but not about your service so go deep with offering and write those things down. promote your gigs on different social media. hope these tips work fine

all the best

Thank you for your suggestions:)

Your gigs are unique and attractive, wish you best of luck:)

I understand that you are new to the Forum here… No worries if you didn’t know… But, the default language of the Forum as well as Fiverr is English. Would be great if you stuck to it. Thanks!


Dear, I advise you to dont loose hope, just keep calm and try try again…

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