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Hi am a new member

hi am new here please improve my gig


Welcome to the Fiverr community forum :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome and wish you all the best @isaiahabraha808

Hi… Welcome to this online community. I’m not so new, but my name is Alegna and my general vision is dual: professional and artistical. Few months after my subscription in this website (May of 2016), I got my first architectural project and then the musical one. So far, I completed more than ten little projects and I’m ready for more challenges, specially during this hard time. It’s never late to be willing to learn new skills and getting other tools in order to grow up the online business. Don’t hesitate to make a previous contact and ask something or whatever you need. Regards.

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Welcome to fiverr forum.
As you new.
So follow 3 step

  1. Try to active more.
  2. Send buyer offer daily.
  3. Research your compititor gig

Hello, Sorry, How to find buyers, can you help me?

just stay online as much as possible and continue check the buyers request every 20 minutes and share your gigs on social media platforms.

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Thank you so much for suggestion

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