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Hi, am new here how do i get my first order

hello am a new freelancer and am looking for a way to start selling my gig


Welcome to fiverr, wish you best of the luck:)

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Welcome to fiverr
Best of luck

welcome send buyer request and share your gig social media

A pleasant Journey. Keep doing work here happly. I’m expecting from You that you will never give Up. Be Success in the Life every Path!

please how can i advertise on social media, please give me tips and examples please

You are welcome to the Fiverr Forum.

Promote your gig in social media networks.
Read the forum’s tips.
Send the buyer requests 10 DAILY.
Stay online 6 TO 8 HOURS …

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Helo bro, Welcome to Fiverr.
To get out standing sales from fiverr for a new freelancer could be some thing like hard job; until, unless they are offering some thing really unique and worth paying.
Normal new sellers offers the same product or service that their customer can easily get from a seller having 100+ good reviews. So, why should they buy it from you; even when they got experienced ones offering the same services with same price.
So, what you really have to do is offering some thing that is some thing very unique that a client can’t get from any other experienced or new seller on fiverr.
Check this out How a New Seller can get Frequent New Orders

Hello I am also New Seller and still Waiting for Some Orders
I think its very difficult for me to getting order on fiverr

Be patient and wait for 1 month or so. Or attend fiverr course. This is just my experience.

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Welcome to fiverr. Best of luck :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:

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