Hi, am new here


I am proficient in data typing services. I joined fiverr community two days ago and would like to get more tips on how to get my first order.

Kindly check my gig out.


I’d do a thorough check for any spelling/grammar errors in the gig description (the data typing gig), as if there were any if would make getting an order more difficult.

Also, it’s a bit confusing whether you are working as an individual or a team (eg. the profile mentions a team and “we will work…” but the gig says “I am an individual”).

But as well as making any updates to the gig/gig description, you could also post offers to the buyer request section, as well as make more gigs when ready, to increase the chance of getting orders or to increase the number of orders.


Thanks for the information


Try as much as possible to come online frequently tn order to be seen by potential buyers. Also use the buyers request section.