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Hi, am new in fiverr how do i make my first sale?


Hi, am new in fiverr how do i make my first sale ?


Do your best on promoting your Gigs, and always check the Buyer request section


Yeah that is true
Thanks a lot

  1. use social media for gig advertising
  2. build a Portfolio
  3. Submit offer to buyer requests
  4. try to make repeat buyers
  5. make your own unique working style
    … i am trying too.


Thanks a lot…
My Facebook is filled with friends who might not need my services,
that is why i am worried


Create a FB page for your business so you’re not promoting solely to your friends.


Thank you very much!!!


Hi, i am new in fiverr, i becom member at fiverr since Dec 17, but not yet got any sale can any body help me.


well said mate. I am trying also


@muhammadsaee720 please follow @veniceart .


I am new too and got my first sale, read this link to know how i got it.

I only describe the process so it may help


We are tying really hard to make sales too
Keep advertising your gigs
Create Eye catchy gig with good content
Be sincere to your buyesrs
Make buyer request your room


Wow Congratulations on your first sales,You said it right


you should send 10 buyer request daily. Also don;t forget to share your gigs via social media


Keep working promote your gigs set a best price and sent daily buyer request have fun… :slight_smile:


Thanks and wish you luck too


You probably promoting a similar or same gig that other sellers have been promoted before you. They have tons of positive feedback so who searches for gigs like yours will prefer going to them instead of going to you.
Same when you have to choose a restaurant and you see one with all good star ratings while another one doesn’t have ratings, so you want to go for sure to get the best.
What to do?
I am trying to sell myself but so far no luck, although I am working full time so this is not my surviving platform. Try to add something extra that other seller don’t do.


Wow …one of the best reply so far…Thanks


Sir u pay your time to fiver 15 hours daily and daily updates gigs soon you get order


Thank you sir,if you have any job please don’t hesitate to contact me, I will be happy doing your job and giving you the best ever.