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Hi! Any tips to help my?

Hi everyone !

My name is Louise and I am a graphic designer for Charities organisations in my spare time!
I’ve been creating flyers, brochures and a lot of visuels for about 3 years now :slight_smile:

I am looking forward to meet new people and help them on their project (I get really excited for that haha :sweat_smile:)

I wanted to know if you could share some tips or experiences that could help my beginnings here (Buyers or sellers, all point of view are interesting and could really help me)

My first advice to you: Give special attention to your titlles, wirte your keyword in the first three words of the title, example:

Design COVERS and 3D MODELS for your book


Design awesome and incredible book COVERS

Set your keyword on the first three words


Really, this help me a lot with my views… Sorry for my english, i’m from Mexico, but i’m working on English Fiverr… I hope you get successful on fiverr! Good luck! :wink:

Hey @louisechalaye

Welcome to Fiverr!

I have 2 recommendations for you:

1: Your profile description

“Hey! My name is Louise, I am the graphic designer of various charity organization. I am used to make creative, fun or professional visuals. It can be Flyers, posters, business card and a lot of other things!
I would be happy to understand your project and help you realize it.”

There are a few spelling errors/grammatical errors.

Try this instead:

“Hey! My name is Louise. I am a graphic designer for various charities. I love making fun, creative, and professional visuals. My specialities are flyers, posters, and business cards. Message me today with your project details and I would be happy to help!”

  1. Get Grammarly installed. It’s free and it’s my number one helper when it comes to writing with proper grammar for clients.

Good luck getting orders!