Hi Buyer, Where are you from?


I often ask my buyers where are there from, so I will know the time differences.

I have a lot of buyers from USA and I live on the other side of the globe so they go to sleep when I’m working on there gig

It will be convenient if the buyers will have an option to fill out in which country they live (not a must fill field, just an option).



Reply to @arnevb:

Correct me if I’m wrong but only if they are Fiverr sellers as well, no?


Some sellers create false accounts to hide their country and make them look like they are from USA or UK. That really awful.


fiverr detects current location of user when they register their username at the very first time.


Now, after a year, it’s available…yesterday I got a mail from a buyer who I thought for some reason is German, I don’t know why…turns out she’s from Canada, I saw it on her map, it was great, and saved me from writing her “Danke” = Thank you in German… :slight_smile: