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Hi Can Anybody Let Me Know How This GIG BOUNCE Thing Works?

I have received below message on a gig purchase.

Just would like to know how it works.

*** GIG BOUNCE ***

You have just won a fiverr “GIG BOUNCE” for being the first customer of the day.

Note : to activate your gig bounce , Order any gig extra…

you will receive a free 40usd Bonus Code when the gig is complete

:smiley: :smiley: happy gigging


I have also received the same … Is this real?

GIG BOUNCE. Is that the best they could do?

40 USD? Holy crap. What in the hell were you ordering?

“Gig Bounce”? What awkward wording!

And $40 worth of gigs is quite a bit for this “secret” giveaway. Is this real? :-/

This seems suspicious because not every seller has gig extras, and usually any special offers, contests and promotions are announced in Fiverr emails or in the blog, the FB page, SOMEWHERE. Yet it doesn’t seem to be taking the buyer off-site or to ask for passwords or that kind of questionable activity. I’ll be wondering about this~ :-/