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Hi ! can anyone Please tell me what's Wrong with my gigs

Please Take a look this gigs and tell me whats wrong with them.

1st one have a 105 IMPRESSIONS and 20 CLICKS.
and didn’t get any jobs yet.


Try to improve your profile . And If possible then Add experiences on your profile and remove “100% money back guarantee” Because you do not have any option of money back .

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Really but i saw that many top rated seller write “100% money back guarantee” in their gig.

To give you money back you have to cancel the order…And if you are willing to cancel then use it as many time you want .

That’s such a :man_facepalming: thing to do. Every word in your profile description should have a reason, a purpose for being there. Don’t just blindly copy-paste stuff from elsewhere without knowing what it actual means or entails. :roll_eyes:

If you offer 100% money-back guarantee, you might have to cancel a lot of orders; as a consequence, your order completion rate will plummet and only a small percentage of your orders will reach completion.

Also, offering money-back guarantees and unlimited revisions only showcase a lack of confidence in your own abilities/skills as a seller. Not only that, but it also does a good job of attracting the “wrong” kind of buyers.


You have got two gigs about interior renders. One of these only about the interior but other one include interior and exterior at the same time. Maybe you can categorization these gigs.

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