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Hi, can someone help me out with a tip regarding attachments, please?

Hello fellow sellers,

I´m not sure if this belongs in the FAQ or Tips for Sellers section or else, so I´ll just post it here, where it doesn´t clutter up much.

I replied to a buyer’s request for a translation from English to German. Problem being that the English text (manual) was already flawed, and not just with errors I could easily correct, but there is, on the sample page I did, already one term that just can´t be right.
I have some work ethics and of course don´t want to just get the job done quickly and replicate the mistakes made in the <original language> - English translation to the German translation.
Hence I wrote the buyer I´d point out the obvious mistakes/tell them the correct English for those, and the terms that I can´t even guess what they should be, so they can check that, and I´d do a review of my German translation then on top, if they provide me with the correct English to be translated.

In order to explain to the buyer (who, judging from their own English and the point that they didn´t pick up on the errors contained in the English text they want translated, doesn´t speak/understand English too well) what I mean, it would be more than helpful to be able to upload the word file with my sample translation and remarks.

It seems though, only buyers can attach files to their request, but sellers can´t to their offers.
I can guess the reasons for this, but how do you work around such situations?
I can´t simply give them a link to my google drive, because of TOS, can I?


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You should be able to simply send them a message as a response to their request and attach the file there. I don’t know if you already have an active order with the buyer, but you can attach files on order page, too.

If you mean in Buyer’s Requests, not an order request, simply briefly explain the problem and ask them to contact you for more information.

Thank you for your replies!

Yes, this is what I meant. I can´t simply send just a message in ‘Buyers Requests’ without sending an offer automatically, can I?
There are a few offers where I´d want to be sure what the buyer expects for their budget and not want to risk them accepting the offer I have to send automatically, when I ask them in the customizable message field.

I´m just looking for an allowed method to send the buyer a file (sample translation in this case) already in the Buyers Requests’ stadium of things.

You can’t upload files on a response to Buyers Request. However, you can tell them to message you for the file.
I think links are pretty tricky – an dropbox or drive link may be acceptable only after an order has been started; I don’t fully recall. I think in the Terms of Service there’s a list of acceptable sites (mostly blogging platforms).

I understand why you’re doing a free sample translation… but be careful! It could end up being a waste of time if the buyer doesn’t choose you. Don’t do free work!

Yes, I´m aware, but thank you :slight_smile: