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Hi! Can you give some feedback on my gig?

Hey! My gig is online for a few months now, and still no orders. Can you tell me what’s wrong with it? :frowning:

The logo category is severely crowded. What are you doing to market yourself outside of Fiverr?

As for your gig: Your samples are almost too simple, they say nothing about what kind of service they’re for. This is not to say they couldn’t come to represent a company or a brand, but there’s no meaning in them.

(And the third one shows the two pantones, but only one is used.)

Hey @pimentajoiari this may be useful for you to read [ Ways to Get more Sales]


Hope you’re staying safe.

So, i’d suggest working with description a bit more, and i also think you need to do something really good for ur images, because the logo section it’s really large, so you need to stand out a bit more.

Best of luck.