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Hi dear brothers and sisters...why there is no order?

I’m new seller and getting no order on my gig…very low impression and click…please help me…

Tayyab bhi same here no problem wait by the way cpoy tags and description from top sellers may be this will help you but just take an idea don’t copy whole gig

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Don’t copy another seller’s description! Plagiarism is not permitted on Fiverr, and it is a very despicable and dishonest thing to do.


I mean to say that take an idea don’t copy the whole gig yes I wrote copy first but that’s not mean to say

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Mh, I think you could improve your gig following these steps:

  • Getting rid of “unlimited revisions”, “money-back guarantee” and ellipsis (dot-dot-dot);

  • “Golden PKG…Most wanted pkg”: most wanted…by whom? You don’t have any order yet;

  • In your introduction I see too many adjectives, 8 to be precise.
    They’re “amazing. astonishing.” etc.
    I assume it could be useful to partially rewrite the introduction;

  • You could study - I mean study, not copy - your competitors and the most used and useful tags.
    Indeed, I don’t think “logo seller” or “buy logo” are useful tags.
    Maybe you could try with something that describes your work. Like “minimalist logo” (it’s just an example).


You need to be more clear in your communication. It is important that you do not make this kind of mistake with customers.

Also, several of the paragraphs in your gig description are copied from another Fiverr seller. I found it via a plagiarism checker. You only deleted a few words at the end of one of the paragraphs to make it appear different. That is not getting inspiration, but straight-up plagiarizing.

EDIT: I ran my own description through a plagiarism check and found that someone copied my old gig description and image on Reddit and is pretending to be me. Luckily he didn’t really post anything.


These are my suggestions/comments:

In the gig description:
“brillient” could be “brilliant”

In the premium package:
“rource file,” could be “source file,”
“startionery” could be “stationery”
“sociel media kit” could be “social media kit”