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Hi dear i don't have any offers

Hi fiverr team
so i am new on fiverr. i don’t have any offers how can i want

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you need to go to selling option and then select buyer request send buyer request. every day you received 10 buyer request

2 articles for you…


Firstly you’ve to check your gig place on right category, after that you’ve to search buyer req… if it showing empty you’ll have to refresh it after few time… If you do this continuously you’ll get a req I blv… This is what happen with me.

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You’ve to go to buyer requests and then send offers to buyers, then buyers will contact you for work.

Buyer request page cannot be used by sellers advertising their services, it’s only for buyers who are looking for a service!

In case I misunderstood you, I’m sorry :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: ok thanks you are right

Promote your gigs on social media or on google give paid advertising which will redirect people to your services use buyers request section to apply to projects

hope this helps

web developer on fiverr

Go to selling> Buyer request > send offer …

and do follow this How to MARKETING your fiverr gigs?

thanks my dear friends

I completed first order buyer gave me 87% positive review. Now i can not send any buywr request. Fiverr says complete at kest 90% review. Help me what shouldi do

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sorry bro i have no idea you may need to contact with customer care center

You have to wait until you receive the next review, try to improve what the last buyer didn’t like about your last delivery and hope that the next review will be better so that you get back to 90% and then you can view the buyer’s requests again.

same problem :frowning: