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Hi every one..i have cleared my funds..but unable to received mobile verification code..and also lost my security question


Hi every one…i have cleared my funds…but unable to received mobile verification code…and also lost my security question…and i am contecting customer support from 4 days…but still unresolved…what should i do…please help me:-(


I’m sorry to hear it, but there really isn’t anything forum readers can do for you in this case. No one on the forum has access to things like withdrawals, security questions, etc. Even the forum moderators are just sellers like you and we would have to make a ticket and wait if we had the problem you have. Best of luck!


What is your withdrawal method ? PAYPAL or PAYONEER ?


Payoneer…my method payoneer…can you help me:(


Perhaps you didn’t read @fonthaunt 's message above. I encourage you to re-read what she wrote. Your issues are not something we can help you with here on the forums.


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