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Hi every one! I'm new seller on fiver


Hello! I’m Maria. Yesterday I publish my 1st gig and I don’t know how can get my first order. Can you help me please?:pray:


You will find hundreds of tips here:

I will help you the best I can.

The above from your profile description does not come across as very professional!


thank you so much I will change it


Stay online and keep sending neat buyer request replies. :wink:


ok thanks!:laughing:


are the buyer requests showing you at buyer request section?


I don’t know I will check


please let me know if you checked


How to check the buyer request:

  1. Selling --> Buyer Requests
    1. When you find a request you like, hover over the request and click Send Offer
      A summary of the buyer request appears at the top.
    1. If you offer more than one Gig, select a Gig that is relevant to the request.
  • In the Describe Your Offer area, write a personalized message. For example, you can write details on what you can provide and the reasoning for your pricing.
  • Fill out your total offer amount, delivery time, number of revisions, and define other elements in the offer scope.
    1. Click Submit Offer .
      Offer Sent appears, indicating you’ve responded to the Gig request.


thank you! :+1::+1::+1: