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Hi everybody! I am a new seller on Fiverr and need some help

I am still a newbie as a seller and would like to ask a question about offers submitted for buyer requests. In the submitted offers section, I can see all my offers that I have submitted for today. These orders have already disappeared from active status. This means that the buyer has not yet decided whom to order? Or will I always see my offers in this section, even if the order has already been given to someone else?
Sorry for my English if there are mistakes, I am not native :sweat_smile:


Good question!

So there’s absolutely no way to know whether the buyer has chosen somebody for their request (unless they chose you). Sometimes buyers will choose multiple people and sometimes they’ll just end their request with no sellers chosen.

All of the offers that are in the “offered” section are offers that you have left for buyer requests. Even if a buyer chooses to remove your offer because they don’t like it, that offer will still remain in the “offered” section for you.


Oh, I feel it will be nervous to a certain extent :sweat_smile: Thank you very much for your answer!