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Hi everybody i'm from indonesian

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Welcome to Fiverr. I wish you good luck. Just checked your gigs. I may need whiteboard animation service soon. I will contact you than.

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OK, I’ll wait for news from you …
THANK YOU FOR THE COMPLIMENT :innocent: :innocent:

Hi there, welcome to fiverr . Same like you im a designer from indonesia too, wish you good luck. :smiley:

Hey welcome to here. I see that you are new in here. So most important to know fiverr TOS and you will be happy to know you that if you rank your gig then you will get automatically order without apply.

So firstly you can follow your buyer request option to get your first order.

Good luck to you…
Thanks by

I’m very happy, wish you good luck also…

ok, thanks for the information…
good luck brother… :innocent: :innocent:

Thanks for reply.
good luck

you’r welcome…
good luck also