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Hi everybody, I'm new in the freelance world and I'm ready to give my everything

Hi, I’m Riccardo Morina and I’m and 19 y/o italian student.
I started this new journey with Fiverr as a 3D Designer.
I use the 3D modeling software Blender to sculpt,model and create everything you can imagine.
I started using Blender around 3 years and now i feel enough good to give my skill to test. :slight_smile:

-Riccardo Morina


Welcome! Glad you’re here

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Welcome to the Fiverr Community.

Welcome to the Fiverr Community Forum :slightly_smiling_face:

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Wellcome to the fiverr

welcome and best of luck.

As you are new, I think you should read these guidelines: :point_down:

Welcome to fiverr Riccardo!

Welcome to fiverr forum!
I wish you the best of experience :slight_smile: