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Hi everybody new fiverr user here


H everybodyi!

Im new here and hope i get some project. How to get good start here at fiverr?


:smile: you visit buyers request



@ sarahprogrammer you will always be online and send offers


ok… but its totally empty there … hmm :roll_eyes:


yes we are here in the house


the only thing i can do is to wait to someone hire me? i can’t “boost” to get a client? If i have no feedback i dont think someone will hire me for project lol :smile:

But i will try fiverr and i will be online 24/7 …


Yes, and don’t sleep. Welcome to the club of zooombies.


Hi there! New seller here as well. My name is Maria i am from Greece and i am photographer and image editor. Nice to meet you all. Cant wait for my first sale. You all have a great day!


That won’t do you any good…


what do mean? should i get offline and get some client or what to do you mean?

what is your advertise to get clients?