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Hi everybody ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ please notice me


Hello everybody

I’m new on fiverr ฅ(°ω°ฅ) , I feel a little intimidating for the massive amount of artist, but I fell very excite for start on here as a seller. Hope everything go good because I don’t have any idea how people can notice me (;´・Д・)

I have already a lot of experience on commissions from the website deviantart and my facebook page but I wanna try here because look very professional and fun (ノ゜▽゜)


greetings and hope someday can sell some art ( ’ω’ )

my DA


Welcome to Fiverr! Hopefully you’ll get some orders rolling in soon :slight_smile:


You really draw well. Try drawing SVG images and you will see orders rolling in. :slight_smile:


well I don’t have experience with vector but maybe I can give a try n,n

thank you n.n


Welcome!, I’m also new :slight_smile: share your DA! I’d love to see it :smiley:


wah hello! I’d like to see your dA too :smile:
well lets do our best :wink:


You’re absolutely very talented @fruitsrabbit and my personal knee jerk reaction is that you’ll be a star here on fiverr in the future as showcasing your work and process in such a way is very professional for someone just staring out. Your packages are tiered perfectly (in my opinion) and you’ll be able to continually scale them as you garner great reviews and ratings.

@saddu_writer highlights the need for formats like SVG, but also continue to broaden your output formats so that you can meet the assorted needs of a global audience. Over time, your clientele will teach you by inquiring about those various formats, but to offer a smoother experience, do some preemptive research on vector art so that you can be equipped and focused solely on sharing your wonderful gift with the world!


Hello fruitsrabbit,
Welcome to Fiverr and Best of luck for your Great sales ahead :slight_smile:


Stunning work, wow !
Best of luck :slight_smile:


Inkscape is open source software with lots of YouTube tutorials.