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Hi everyone! <3


Hey guys! It’s really nice to meet you. I started selling my writing on Fiverr to help my family, and I really hope I can grow on this site - it seems like such a nice community! I’m not too good at pricing yet, but I hope to improve and get a general idea of what’s too much or too little.

Well, a little about me. My name’s Tatiana and I love to draw, write, and really do anything artistic. My ambition is to be a performer when I’m older, whether that means being an actress or a singer or in a band. I look forward to my future! I love singing, playing piano, guitar, and violin. I also love reading books.

I’m… not extremely young, but hey, I can’t legally drive - quite unfortunate. You’d know me if you saw me though - I usually wear black lipstick and probably a band shirt (usually Evanescence! My biggest inspiration!) I don’t know how selling “singing” would work on here though…

I’d love to meet all of you, so feel free to introduce yourselves to me for I don’t know any of you yet!

Have a great day! :black_heart:


Welcome! :smile: I hope that you find a few great opportunities here. I’m pretty new myself, just started.


That’s awesome! I hope you succeed!


Hi Tatiana, welcome to the fiverr forum and good luck. :blush:


Success is awaiting for you …Good luck :blush:


HI Tatiana. I am Helal. I am here in fiverr from last two years. Let me know if you need to know anything about fiverr interface.


Hi there ! Pleased to meet you! Thanks for the visual image! Let me know if I can help you at all. :slight_smile: