Hi everyone, a little help here


Hi everyone,I think i registered here some time back and haven’t been really active. The times I was, I had an issue delivering on time and the seller had to cancel and give a one star review. While I agree that that was totally my fault, there were other orders I did for this same client, which were perfect, and he didn’t review. Now I am stuck as my cumulative review isn’t up to 90% and can’t engage in buyer requests. Please help me out, anybody? I rewrite perfectly and need orders to get my review groove back. Thanks.


The only way to raise your seller rating is to deliver quality work that earns positive reviews. If this means you can’t post in the Buyer’s Request section, then maybe you need to start promoting your gig(s) to your target customers on your own.

If you want to be successful, you’re going to have to work hard. Sitting back and expecting Fiverr to give you all of your sales is not a good business strategy.


Thank you…is there a no cost avenue to promote my gigs?