Hi everyone, an other writer here


hi mates,
I am Sajjad from Pakistan. Someone suggested me to work online as I am kind of introvert and I signed up for Fiverr. I am a writer I write many things but I am bit confused about this site and don`t know how to get my first order. If any one of you could give some tips than thanks in advance.


Now you will barely get any order. Best of luck


Just market yourself, and try some other areas of selling as well. Who knows, you might get an order or more! I’m new as well, but I’m trying to outsource myself as best as I can!


Check buyer requests section


Hi Sajjad,

This might be helpful.


If you are a fine gig so you get many works do


Ok thanks for a better suggestion


Thanks for suggestions. Where to check buyer’s requests?


Fiverr Screenshot Buyer Request