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Hi Everyone, Happy New Year! I'm a new seller


Hi guys,

My name is Alex. Happy New Year! I hope it was fun for everyone.

I’m new on Fiverr and I hope to start sellign soon. If there are any tips on how to get my first customer, I would love to hear it!


Hi, welcome and Happy New Year!

Tips are all over the forum really, have a look at ‘Tips for Sellers’ especially, and of course the ‘Fiverr Academy’-articles and Fiverr blogs and podcasts.

For a first customer, maybe you get lucky and someone sees your gig, new sellers get a prominent spot on their category pages at the start, and some buyers also filter for ‘New Sellers’, and for finding a first customer more actively don´t forget to check ‘Buyer Requests’, you can see those for the categorie/s your gig/s is/are in, if you click your icon top right, on the main fiverr page, not the forum, then go Selling -> Buyer Requests and see if you find some Request you can bid on.

Good luck and much fun with your new job.


Thanks @miiila! I really appreciate it. have a great day!


Happy New Year friend, new year…new you! You’re on the right track…what is your favorite design style, maybe create a specific Gig just for that artwork? :smile:


hey @fivergraphics5 … that’s a neat idea. i’ll work on that!