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Hi everyone, I am a graphic designer

My name is Aleem I’m a graphic designer I’m specialized in logo and brand identity design, I’ve joined on Fiverr about 8 months ago and I always tried to stay online and I did marketing lots through the social media platform but my account still lacks orders. I just had completed about 7 or 8 orders. Now I am just thinking about this that what should I do now? Here is my profile link below you can check it, and maybe you can suggest me the solution of this.

Thank you


I have a couple of questions:

  1. Why are you offering 2 logo designs for 10$? Those cost a couple of hundreds if not thousands.
  2. Can you tell me what you did when you say social media marketing? What exactly did you do to market your gig?
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1, Answer: I have seen that a majority of people they have been taken the price to their basic package 5 50 20$, include some 2 level sellers also, Then I have though may be I should offer 2 concepts for 10$. This the only reason.
2, Answer: So many days I have shared my gigs to so many groups and people also I have shared this through message. I have tried to write about the value of logos and the category of logo then I have posted this to groups also included my Fiverr link.

Hello,I am graphic designer.