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Hi everyone ! :-) I am new here. Seeking for some friends and advices. :-)


hello fiverr guys and girls. I am Leena. I am new here.

Seeking for some new friends and advices.

by the way, I offer video and pic editing gigs, will they get sale here ?

Feel free to give any advice.

Thanks !


Hi and Welcome

I don’t see a reason why you wont get sales! Just keep tweaking you description when ever you get chance and look for ways to improve. Especially worth checking the helpful tips posted here on the forum.

Let us know how you get on!


waves hello Good luck! :smiley:


Thanks a ton all of you :slight_smile:




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I have heard and seen a lot about you :slight_smile:

i love the way you say "PEACE MAN* :smiley:


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thanks :slight_smile: