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Hi everyone I am newcomer

Hi everyone!

I am a new member, born into the fiverr world just a few days ago. I am an unemployed student so I made a Seller’s account with the hopes that it’ll help me pay (at least) some of my bills (Fingers and toes crossed .
This is an unfamiliar territory for me, so I hope to get some help to navigate around here.



Welcome to the 5rr Community!

But I dont know about getting work but I am sure that my skills do it

you welcome to the Fiverr Forum
best wishes.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi there @shubhamgupta682. Welcome to Fiverr and the Forum. Glad you’ve joined us.

Best of luck on your journey. :smiley:

Warmly, Humberto


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Welcome to the forum

Check out: Before you ask about HOW TO GET ORDERS or No Orders: READ THIS (MORE ORDERS, Tips, Buyers, First Order, Impressions, Sales)

Also check out: for hundreds of tips on how to get orders.

You will find all the tips you need to help you get work in the above.

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