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Hi everyone! I can provide accurate translation from english to chinese

Hello everyone, I have started my new gig of providing translation services from English to Chinese and vice versa!

This is an interesting opportunity to connect with all of you.

If you are in need of accurate and manual translation, look no further!

You have reached the right gig! Go ahead and find out more in my page by clicking the following URL:

Feel free to drop me a msg to learn more!

Looking forward to helping you with my service! :slight_smile:

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But your gig says you are in vacation mode.

Anyhow, can you please share a previous work sample?

Thanks for your response. Yes I do have a sample but it is all in Chinese. Thus are you sure you are interested? If you do, I can send you to have a glimpse. :slight_smile:

Sure, Please send it to me.

Here you go:

The forum says “No Ads” but all i see is ads.