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Hi everyone! I have a question?

How can I improve my rating from 3.0 to higher ratings in order to have access to the buyer request section?

I have heard that cancelling and refunding an order removes feedback. I’m not sure how true that is though. Maybe someone else can confirm whether this is true. The only other way is getting more orders. It will probably take quite a few to get your average up.

This is completely not true.

As you might already suspect to get higher rating you need to complete more orders with 5 star reviews. No other way.


How will I complete more orders when I don’t have access to the buyer request section

The buyers will either need to come to you from the search or you could start looking for clients yourself on social media.

That’s not the question to me, that’s questions to you. You will have to be creative and figure it out yourself and where your target audience is.


Just by sharing it on social media or how

OK I would work hard

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