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Hi everyone... I need someones help

I am new in fiverr. I am Mohmudul Islam. I have a problem. Any buyer request does not come to me. And any orders also not come in. please some one help me.

Welcome to Fiverr! Have you had your gig long? It usually takes awhile for the first orders to start coming in. I think when I started my gig, it took 3 or 4 weeks to receive my first order. But I would submit proposals for buyer requests nearly every day and eventually orders started coming in. Good luck!


You need to catch up with the time zone. Buyer requests don’t show up frequently or whenever you just open the page.

You need to stay active on the buyer requests page, and refresh it every 5-10 mints until the request appears.

It’s also possible that you might not see any buyer request at all sometimes and that would be because of being a 0-level seller.


Thank you so much…

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Thank you so much.:slight_smile::innocent::innocent::innocent: