Hi everyone I want to improve my gigs impressions


Hi my name is umar. My company name is Logo Today Design. Here is my gigs.





Share your gigs on social media.


For improve your gigs impression optimize your gig properly. Do some research on your gigs and find some keyword. After that setup that keyword in your gig. Then share your gigs link in social media.


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Impressions are calculated upon search results shown in Fiverr platform, so what you have to do is to push your gig internally.

I have noticed that the top sellers are the ones with any of this hints:

-higher number of positive feedbacks
-gig price higher than just a fiver
-response time very low
-high number of gig sold

Try to increase your sales for a short period, selling gigs at lowest price with lots of features, so that buyers will choose you. This will increase number of sales, feedbacks too.

Sharing your gig on social media will help to generate conversions but, impressions won’t be calculated from direct link, only after somebody searches in the search bar.



Thanks gor your suggestions its really help me