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Hi, everyone if you can check our gig and suggest edits

We have started our services on fiverr with logo design. We are group of designers and developers based in islamabad, Pakistan and we run multiple accounts on Playstore and appstore. We are yet strange to how fiverr works and it’s SEO optimization. So if you could help us in understanding these and also suggest some changes in our gig if you want to(and have time for it). Your insight and suggestion will be appreciated. Thank you!

Here is link to our gig



It seems that you are not using your own logos? i have seen same logo designs online which you have used on your gig images. my suggestion is better to use your own creative designs in your portfolio.

Do not try to grab some orders using stolen images from internet. If you are the person who created these logos and also offering with different online freelance sites with different name then okay. but if you have stolen these images from some ones portfolio and showcasing as your’s is not good for you as well as fiverr.

Because buyers are trusting or creativity by looking at our portfolio and gig images and ordering our services. If we fail to deliver the same quality as like the sample gig images then the buyers (especially new buyers) lose trust and leave the platform which is not good for all fiverr community.


Thank you for your time and suggestion. We will try to avoid that in future. Except one or two others aren’t our copyrighted they are taken from some other sites outside fiverr.

follow this tips :ping_pong:


i have read the entire thread there even the replies this is the best thing to have happened on fiverr community. Thank you for your valuable time.