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Hi everyone, I'm a 2D artist and multidisciplinary designer new to Fiverr

My name is Kei, I’m kinda a “jack of all trades” in many things visual. Actually I created my account a long time ago but haven’t created gigs until yesterday. I guess I still have a long way to go since my gigs still have zero views… :frowning:
I used to work as a designer but drawing is my passion, and now I’m paying more attention to it. So the main goal of joining fiverr is to improve my skill and build up my portfolio. Also I just moved to a new country and have no friends so it’s great to be in conversation with other people, or hopefully clients :smiley:

It’s quite long for an introduction I think ^^ Wish everyone a good day and best luck for you business on fiverr!

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Probably you can lonely free in your new country to talking with clients.:smiley:
Best of luck for your journey Artist.

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thank you and all the best to you too :laughing:

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Welcome to Fiverr Forum. Take time to read through the forum for lots of tips and information. Good luck! :slight_smile:

I haven’t been on an art related websites for a while. Can you recommend some? Years ago, I was on deviantart. I can see a lot of creative types go on YouTube. And I also realized there are people who are doing film that are on websites that are MUCH more complex in their art forms. I haven’t been following a lot of the new forms of creation.

Oh, and I’m desktop NOT mobile.

Why did you move to a new country? To go to school?

Have fun on Fiverr. I’m new to Fiverr but I’ve been online a very long time.