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Hi, everyone I'm a new seller at Fiverr

If you guys could suggest me how I can improve faster that would be very kind of you all.


Share your gig on Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin properly and other’s platform. And I think you know that very well as a professional digital marketer. Also optimize your gig package details and price. You should start your basic price $10.
Remove unlimited revision If you provide unlimited revision it sounds like that you are not professional that’s why you provide unlimited revision.

Create 2-3 more gigs with same category.



Thank you so very much.
very generous of you.

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Good suggestion to a newcomer

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Really informative reply… Thank you

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Welcome to the community

You are a brave man!

Have you started sending out offers to the buyer requests? Make sure your offers are engaging enough to catch the buyer’s attention.

As a new seller, you need research what your buyer might actually want. Design your gigs like that. Try to understand what people look for.

While sharing your gig on social media might increase the impression on your gigs, this will never get you actual buyers. So, you need to spend more time on improving the services you offer.

Anyway, welcome to Fiverr and its community. I hope you get success soon!

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Thank you so much for your such wonderful words.

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Hi ijaklima, How are u? You new seller at Fiverr no problem.

The first thing you have to do

  1. You need to be active
  2. The buyer must understand the request and reply
  3. Give the word Unlimited Support in all replies
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Thank you so much sister

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