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Hi everyone I'm new to Fiverr - I'm a Web developer and SEO expert

Hello everyone!

I just joined Fiverr last week and suddenly realised there was a great forum I didn’t know about.

My name is Wesley and I’m a web developer from The Netherlands.
During the workweek I have a steady job where I build E-commerce sites in the fashion industry and in the evenings and weekends I work as a freelancer building Wordpress sites for local businesses.

I have a background in SEO and am still very passionate about that and website performance. A piece of me dies every time I have to wait 10 seconds for a page to load :stuck_out_tongue:

Last week I joined Fiverr looking to help people make their sites better optimised for both search engines and people and hopefully grow my business as I do so.

Would love to hear any tips or feedback on me, my profile or gigs, or just to speak to other new or experienced members here on Fiverr.


Welcome to Fiverr.
The forum is great place for discussions and sharing information and experiences. Tips for new sellers How to apply on buyer request


Can you talk few words about your profession?