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Hi Everyone!👋 I'm new to the Fiverr community and super excited to be here!

Hi everyone!
I am a voiceover artist and writer in Canada. I launched my VO gig on Fiverr just over a month ago and it’s certainly been a fun journey filled with learning curves, surprises, and joy! I’m excited to keep developing my account while never ceasing to learn more and more.
Although I’ve been reading the forum and learning a lot from other sellers’ (and buyers’) posts, I didn’t set up my forum account until a few days ago. I’m certainly glad that I finally joined this knowledgeable and supportive community!:heart_eyes:
I am very excited to share my experiences and continue to learn from others using this platform!:blush:


Glad to have you here. Have a nice day!


Thank you!!:smiley: I hope you have a wonderful day as well!

Glad to have you here.

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Congratulations and Very Glad to have you here. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

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Thank you so much! I’m happy to be here!

welcome to the fiverr community nice to meet you here🙂

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Thank you kindly! I’m very glad to be here!:heart_eyes:

Thank you!! Nice to meet you on here as well!:smiley: