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Hi everyone, I'm zara and I'm New To Fiverr

I’m Zara and I’m super new to Fiverr. I just want to know how long until you got your first gig?
What was your first gig experience like on Fiverr? and how long did it take you to finally sell a gig?
how does it work?
Any advice would be much appreciated.



Hey! First of all welcome to Fiverr Community, hope you succeed here.
I started working in 2019 put my first gig online got my first order in a day. And then so on i kept working hard. As an advice:
You should focus on your gig:
In order to make a professional gig search the other freelancer working in your field on fiverr check out the top seller’s profile, note all points that are common amongst the gigs that are sold most, check their descriptions, tags, pricing criteria and then design your gig based on it.

  1. Try to send 10/10 BR every day
  2. Stay online on Fiverr in the peak hours especially and on forum as well
  3. Do social media marketing of your gig as much as you can
  4. Manage your business portfolio on any of the known site like behance or may be dribble.
  5. Create your social media identity
  6. Digitalize your Fiverr Gig on other forums like quora, reddit etc.
    Note: The important for a freelancer is to keep updating his/her skills, keep learning new skills to flourish to grow. In case your a re not getting orders don’t just stay like that, use that spare time to learn something new in your field of interest.
    Hope this works.

Thank you for the helpful advice! will do.


Hi Zara, welcome to Fiverr.

I created my account in 2019 and didn’t get any order at all and stopped using Fiverr. Then I started again in the beginning of 2021 and I got 2 orders in the first week. What you need to do is keep improving your profile and your gig(s), try to offer less price for your first orders so you could get good reviews, which would result in getting more buyers. Most importantly, stay consistent.

All the best!


Noted! Thank you so much!

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Welcome Fiverr Forum.

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Ehh, gotta disagree with these two suggestions.

Only send 10 buyer requests if you run into 10 reasonable, sane requests that you can actually deliver what the buyer is looking for. There’s no point in sending a request to a ridiculous scam of an offer, or to an offer you clearly cannot accommodate.

Fiverr is open to buyers from around the world, so there really isn’t a set “peak hours” unless your service specifically caters to a certain language/country, and I don’t know how being online in the forum has any benefit for trying to make sales in Fiverr.

Staying online has a very limited impact on gig visibility and is not worth obsessing and losing sleep over.


You might be right but In the first I said try to send not must send. And second depending on the services you deliver there are some parts of world that are most suitable for those services. You cannot remain online all the time as solo. So you have to choose peak hours for your services.
Well opinions differ.

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