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Hi everyone. Just introducing myself


I’ve been on Fiverr since last fall, but I don’t think I’ve introduced myself on the forum before.

I have a variety of gigs including voiceovers, impersonations and audio/video post production. I plan to re-add a couple more that I had on here before Fiverr required videos for gigs in the video category. I like the opportunity that Fiverr represents. Please let me know if you need any of my services! Thanks.


Welcome to the Forums!

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Welcome to the forum! We’re all here to help you out whenever you need it! Good luck with your gigs on Fiverr and have a wonderful rest of your evening/afternoon/night/morning!

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Oops - forgot to mention that I just recently reached Level 2!

Oh wow! That’s a fantastic milestone!

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That was quick!

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