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Hi Everyone! New Seller here! I need clarification


I’ve got a lot of buyers request already, however I still don’t know how the price should go. There’s one buyer that says $ 5 budget with 3 days duration. Does this mean that I will only be paid $5 for 3 days? My gig of $5 is per hour. By, the way I joined fiverr last month and I don’t have orders yet because I still don’t understand how the pricing works given the duration.



It means the budget of the buyer is just $5, and you will have three days to complete the buyer’s project.

You have to send 10 proposals to buyers in a routine.



First of all, you have to write the clear description of your gig. What type of service you may give with pricing. Next, I may suggest you, read the Buyer request properly so that you may understand what your buyer exactly looking for, afterward send your request or else skip that buyer request.


Hi Gizelle.

The duration is just the deadline by which the job should be completed. You need to figure out how long you need to do the job the Buyer wants done and if you think you can/want to do it for the offered budget, you can send an offer.

You can also send an offer with a higher price than the request specifies or with a longer duration (Click “Send Offer” to see the dropdowns) and you have a custom text field in which you can tell the buyer why your offer has a higher price and longer duration than their request states. If there are not that many offers sent to the respective request and/or you can explain your higher price/longer duration to the buyer in a way that makes sense to them (you have a custom text field in your offer), they might still accept.

I´m not quite sure if you understood the Buyer Request system right from your wording “I´ve got a lot of buyers request already”, just in case - those aren´t requests specifically sent to you. All sellers who have gigs in the same category as you can see those requests and send offers, then the buyers can look at the offers and either accept one, or several, or none, of them, or contact the seller who sent the offer per inbox if they have questions.

If you use the forum search function :mag: typing in “Buyer Request” or something more specific, you can find lots of threads about how to write good offers and such.

I hope that helps. Useful information on buyer requests and everything else :arrow_right:


Thank you! I appreciate it.


Thank you for your reply. I now understand it.


Thank you Miila! I highly appreciate the information you provided. I will look into it. Again thank you :blush:




Thanks a lot, miiila you clear all of my confusion about buyer request :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face: