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Hi everyone, new to Fiverr


Has anyone found a good solo ad gig, with good results. Would like to hear from anyone that has, just the buyer please…not the gig providing the service. Thanks in advance


What type of new??


@coachj10, when you say good results, what do you mean? Did you get a lot of clicks? Or actual sales or list opt-ins? I’ve tried a few solo ad gigs, and got clicks but no opt-ins nor sales. I later found out that some sellers (especially the ones who guarantee a certain amount of clicks) say they sent out a solo ad, but really don’t, then use techniques to just give your links clicks as if people actually opened, read, and clicked on your link. So you gotta be careful with some of those so-called solo ad gigs.

@kjblynx: He wants buyers to post their experience of buying solo ad gigs.


Exactly @kjblynx:, I’m looking for buyers experience in buying solo ads. Opt-ins and sales are the ultimate goal…right. The more I read, the more I realize that some gigs don’t deliver as promised…